5 mistakes everyone makes when working out at home

You have no choice but to move your workout to your own four walls in times like these. But be careful – there are also some rules that you have to adhere to. We’ll tell you what mistakes EVERYONE really makes when training at home.

Whether it’s closed fitness studios or canceled yoga classes – a home workout is perfect for keeping fit even in lockdown. However, it only really makes sense if you really do your training at home. After all, without professional guidance and assistance, there are some dangers lurking in your own four walls that you should be careful of so that they do not have a negative impact on the training result and, above all, on your health.

5 mistakes everyone makes when working out at home

Forget to warm up

Yes, you should warm up well before the home workout so that the circulation gets going and the muscles can prepare for the upcoming load. In this way, you protect yourself from injuries – and training performance is also improved. The same applies, of course, to a cool-down at the end of the session.

Always the same workout

Without a trainer or course leader to tell you where to go, you can run out of ideas for varied workouts. For your muscles to grow and really do what you want, they always need new stimuli – and they only get that if you keep adapting and changing your exercises. 

Wrong level of difficulty

Whether it’s a HIIT workout or yoga – just because you’re exercising at home doesn’t mean that you can just skip a few levels of difficulty regardless! Never set your goals too high. Are you a complete beginner? Then slowly feel your way and start with less weight or repetitions, for example. Gradually you can then increase the training level.

Wrong execution

And another mistake that tends to creep in when you feel unobserved: You are not performing the exercises correctly. After all, there is always a trainer close by who can correct you if necessary in the gym. At home, however, you are on your own. If you are not sure about an exercise, then you should rather not do it and wait until your trainer can help you again. Otherwise, injuries can occur here as well.

Too many workouts

Admittedly, a lockdown like this can be pretty boring, and suddenly you have a lot of time to train. But that doesn’t mean that you should really roll out your fitness mat seven days a week – on the contrary! Your body just doesn’t need excessive physical strain. The body needs well-deserved breaks between training sessions in order to be able to regenerate. It is best to be considerate of your limits and increase your training by a maximum of ten percent.

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