How to lose weight with the treadmill

Do you have a treadmill at home? Maybe the machine is the first one you visit in the gym? It is not too complicated, so we will be able to see results in a short period of time. Although we all know how to use the treadmill, we are going to adjust some details so that in addition to the exercise itself, we are doing the right thing to say goodbye to those extra kilos. Are you ready or ready?

Short workouts but with a variety of intensities

Surely you are already familiar with HIIT workouts, since they have a high intensity, but it is true that the time decreases. Well in this case, we will do the same. Of course, it must be remembered that each one has to mold it to their condition. We cannot start the first day to the fullest because we will not give more of ourselves on the second. That said, we will spend about 20 minutes, but always with varying intensity, so that we can breathe well and not always be constant in speed. Remember also that both at the beginning of the session and at the end, we must go progressively and not start with too much intensity or stop suddenly.

Combine exercises off the treadmill

So that it does not become monotonous every day, it is best to bet on variety. Therefore, in addition to riding on the treadmill, you can insert different exercises. For example, 10 minutes on the treadmill, get off it, and do some weights or push-ups, to be able to use our machine for other minutes. This combination makes us burn even more, but what is important is that we can also exercise the upper body and the lower one. Isn’t that a good idea?

Walk, run and wave your arms

We will alternate a bit of walking at the beginning of the session, which will take us at a slightly faster pace to finish in a race. When we are in it, do not forget to move your arms well. Since this makes the exercise itself increase, and the result is even better. Although always maintaining good coordination and movement.

Every day demand a little more of yourself

Before, we said that the ideal is to start little by little. But it is also true that we cannot remain stagnant when we already have a certain routine. Which leads us always to demand a little more of ourselves. Every day we must increase the intensity for a few minutes. We will start with very little, so that it does not get so uphill. But both the time and this intensity, we have to increase it before seeing the results. It is also convenient to have a rest day, practice other sports types, or simply rest.

Go for the slopes

Riding on the flat is always perfect. But since we are talking about betting on changes, demanding a little more from ourselves, and wanting to see great results, then nothing like adding some slopes to your routine. Going up the incline both while walking and running is always something to keep in mind. Yes, we will also do it progressively. It is also not convenient that you have the same slope all the time of the training, but you can vary it.

Combine exercise with a good diet

We have left it for the end, but of course, it is also another point to take into account. With the treadmill, we will be able to get our body ready, but we will reach that goal that we have set with the diet. When we talk about diet, we do it healthy by betting on vegetables and fruits, without forgetting healthy fats and carbohydrates. Do you have it all? Go for your dream!

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