Gift ideas for the festival

What should I give away for Christmas? Every year we ask ourselves the agonizing question and rack our brains for weeks about what should be under the Christmas tree for our partner, family, and friends on Christmas Eve. Mostly it boils down to a bought gift or a voucher. How about some homemade gifts this year? Such gifts are much more personal and always go down well. No idea yet? We have put together some creative ideas for you. We wish you happy crafting!

Excellent ideas for photo gifts

How about a photo present, for example? Such gifts are creative, personal, and at the same time, a great way to remind your partner, best friend, or family of shared experiences. Another advantage: There is a wide range of gift ideas – so there is a suitable photo gift for every taste and need.

Personalize products

Another, less expensive option for a beautiful photo gift are personalized products. On various websites, you have the opportunity to give certain products a personal touch. Print a photo including a sweet message on shower gel, shampoo, and other care products, and you have a great Christmas present that is not only creative and personal, but also useful.

Of course, you can personalize care products and many other things and have them printed with photos. For example, cell phone cases, pillows, mouse pads, snow globes, or mugs.

Invite to a photo shoot

Your selfies with your boyfriend or best friend never really work out? Then off to the photo studio! Give away a voucher for a professional photoshoot for Christmas. It’s a lot of fun with the right people, and the result is impressive. The finished photos are then ideal as wall decorations, in the picture frame on the desk, or for another photo gift.

Gift ideas made of wool and fabric

Anyone who likes to work with wool and all kinds of fabrics creates the best conditions for Christmas gifts in their free time. There are many great ideas for loving gifts that everyone can use and that are also homemade. No matter whether it is crocheted, knitted, or sewn.

  • Socks: Yeah, right, socks. Bought socks are a very unpopular gift at Christmas, but the homemade version is absolutely charming and ensures warm feet in the cold season. You can knit or crochet the socks and make your loved ones happy.
  • Hat and scarf: When the temperature outside is icy, we like to protect ourselves from the cold air with a hat and scarf. So that your loved ones don’t get cold in winter, a self-made set of hat and scarf is the ideal gift for Christmas – either crocheted, knitted, or sewn.
  • Gloves and gauntlets: To complete the set, it is, of course, a good idea to make gloves from wool or fabric to match the hat and scarf. You can complete the whole thing with leg warmers or, as an alternative to gloves, with arm warmers.
  • Hooded sweater: If you prefer to give a bigger gift, you can sew, crochet, or knit a round of warm sweaters for friends and family. Whether hooded sweater, hoodie, or long sweater – there are suitable patterns and instructions for every taste.
  • Bag: Women can never have enough (hand) bags. Especially not when it comes to home-made unique items. Therefore, a bag made of wool or fabric is a nice gift idea. The only thing left to decide is whether it should be a handbag, a shoulder bag, or a pouch bag.

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