8 Reasons to have seedlings in your work area

Working for long periods of time and without interruptions can cause fatigue, stress, or anxiety, so it is advisable to take breaks from time to time and thus clear your mind. But there is another simple way to feel more comfortable in our work area, and this is to have a plant close to us.

There are many that are easy to care for and take up a small space on your desk. As if that were not enough, there are several reasons why it is beneficial to have a plant in your office, so read on and think about which one will be the one to keep you company.

Improve your memory and concentration

Having plants nearby helps improve your memory and concentration, as they can improve the flow of oxygen in your body, which helps the brain activate and your ideas flow more easily.

You will be more productive

Having a plant in the office helps increase efficiency if you work in front of a computer, you will be more productive, and that will allow you to finish your tasks much faster.

They help to level stress and anxiety

In case you feel overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed, having a plant that emits a calming aroma, such as lavender or jasmine, will combat these feelings, since those aromas help you to modulate the emotions of that moment and will reduce both stress and anxiety.

The quality of the air you breathe is better

It is no lie that plants have the power to purify the air in the area where they are placed, and it cannot be denied that breathing fresh air fills you with peace when you go out into the open. For this reason, it is good that you have one near you, as it will allow you always to feel calm and energetic, since your lungs will inhale clean air.

They provide emotional stability

The green color is associated with calm, so having plants in your office will help you better connect with your feelings and thoughts. It will also improve your empathy, since you know that everything works out with a little patience since having to take care of another living being.

Say goodbye to ambient noise

Noise is the biggest distractor that exists, but fortunately, plants are capable of reducing environmental noise, since they work as acoustic insulators, in this way, it will be easier for you to concentrate, and you will not be able to be distracted by annoying and noisy things that did not allow you to work.

They help you be more creative

Surrounding yourself with nature is the easiest way to boost your creativity, this is because each species of plant is different. Its leaves, flowers, color, and aroma awaken the inspiration you need to carry out your daily activities with greater creativity.

Your work area will look more harmonious

Plants make any space a much more welcoming area, create a better connection with that place, and in this way, you feel much more comfortable while you work, they provide harmony and calm.

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