Christmas destinations for the holidays

At Christmas, we are usually with the family, but many people decide to travel simply for the pleasure of seeing new places on vacation. So enjoy this series of destinations that we have prepared for you.

Disneyland Paris in France

Christmas is a time to daydream and go back to childhood. That is why during this time of year we want to feel all the illusion again. And there is no better place to get excited again than Disneyland Paris, a place where all the characters in our stories live. The Disney world dresses up in Christmas costumes, surprises and parades during Christmas, so we can enjoy an incredible trip. If we also have children at home, they will enjoy this trip like never before. Another great thing is that we will be close to the city of Paris, which we can also visit.

Rovaniemi in Lapland

Rovaniemi may not sound familiar to you, but if we tell you that there is Santa Claus Village, that is, the town of Santa Claus, then surely you will know what we are talking about. In this villa, we will be able to see Santa’s house and the place where he works all year round so that he can bring us all our gifts on time. A dream place for the whole family.

Prague, Czech republic

At any time of the year, Prague is an incredible city, but it is even more so if we go during Christmas. Seeing the snow-covered Charles Bridge or strolling through the Old Town Square where there are markets, Christmas trees and lights is something really incredible. It is one of those European cities that during Christmas dress up for the occasion and become really special places. We can also take the opportunity to lose ourselves in its streets and see the famous Prague Castle.

Berlin Germany

Berlin is another European city that we must visit if we like Christmas markets. In this city, we can find Christmas markets in AlexanderPlatz or in Roten Rathaus, where there are from a Ferris wheel to ice rinks and stalls. Other markets of interest can be those of Charlottenburg, Potsdamer Platz or Gendarmenmarkt.

London, United Kingdom

London is another one of the cities that dress up during Christmas. It is incredible to see the large number of lights that are on the streets, in some like Oxford Street they are especially striking. Also, there are markets, and we can attend some famous shows. In places like Covent Garden or Notting Hill, we will see some great markets to find very special things.

Sydney, Australia

This is undoubtedly a different destination, since in Australia they are in the summer and the weather is totally different. Although everything is dressed for Christmas, we can go to the beach this season, something that is really surprising for those who live Christmas surrounded by cold and snow.

Reykjavik, Iceland

We went from the Australian beaches to something totally different. We refer to Iceland, where we can enjoy an incredible Christmas. There are guided tours to see the amazing Northern Lights, something you have to try, as it is a unique show. But we can also enjoy walks in the snow and cities adorned with lights.

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