Avoid a swollen belly at Christmas

Christmas is a happy time and excess in which we have to control ourselves to not end up dieting in January to regain our figure. Sometimes we feel very bloated, and we get fat, so our belly increases in size, a really annoying feeling. If you want to have a flat stomach this Christmas, take note.

Eat slowly

A golden rule not only for this Christmas but for every day is that you have to eat slowly. If we eat calmly, chewing food well, we will avoid bloating in the stomach and feeling too full. By eating slowly, we give the brain time to feel full, something that helps us eat less. This sensation takes about twenty minutes to reach the brain entirely. Hence if we eat slowly, it is easier for us to eat a smaller amount of food and not have indigestion due to its excess. What you should do this Christmas is take your food calmly, chewing well, and enjoy the company.

Eat small amounts

During these parties, we will have several meals, which causes us to overeat during the day and at night. It is important to try to eat small amounts that will make us gain less weight and that we can also have a flatter stomach avoiding feeling too bloated. It is somewhat difficult to control what we eat, so a good idea is to put things on a plate and try not to eat more than what is on the plate, without repeating.

Choice of food

It is good to choose foods that can fill us up but do not add many calories. To avoid bloating for hours, choose lighter foods. Seafood is a good dish, for example, since a large part of its percentage is water. Like fruits or vegetables. Food choice will be essential this Christmas if we want to continue with a flat stomach in January.

Beware of drinks

The drinks during these holidays also tend to increase our calories a lot and inflate the belly. It is better to choose non-carbonated drinks, since these make us unnecessarily bloated. On the other hand, it is a great idea to get infusions or natural drinks such as juices. Avoid high alcoholic beverages as much as possible. Wine is one of the least unhealthy, but you should always drink in moderation. Diuretic drinks can also help us eliminate toxins such as horsetail infusion, so you can include it between meals or at night.

Alternate debugging days

If you have eaten a lot on some days, alternate with other days in which you purify your body so as not to feel that feeling that we are bloated for hours. This will also help you balance the calories you have eaten during this time to avoid gaining weight. On weekdays when there are no holidays, try to eat as healthy as possible. Only fruits and vegetables, foods that contain water to purify your body. You can even take the typical vegetable and fruit smoothies to replace your meals. They have many nutrients, a large amount of water, and a few calories, which will help us have a flatter stomach.

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