The most repeated pet questions

Do you have pet questions on your mind? Then I’m sure some of them will be in the ones we are going to tell you about today. 

How often should I bathe my cat?

It is one of the questions about pets that we have heard the most times. Water indeed is one of the great fears for our cats. Hence, as a puppy, we must gradually accustom them to it. When they are small, we must wash them more frequently, because they are not capable of licking themselves as well as when they become adults. Always use a special shampoo and remember that you can bathe it every month or so. After they reach their first year, you can wait up to two months. But it will depend on whether it gets dirty or not, which sometimes makes us adjust these times.

Why do cats purr?

It is one of the most common sounds that we can find. It is true that it has sometimes been said that it can be synonymous with fear, but we have heard them in much more comfortable situations. In fact, when they are about to sleep or when we are going to caress them. Hence, it is understood as a way to really express what you feel. Since on the one hand, it can be full happiness and, on the other, show a little anguish or fear towards something.

How do I train my dog?

Surely you would be delighted or delighted if your dog listened to you in everything. Take you or bring you all the things you asked for, it would be one of the great ideas we would like to enjoy. But it is true that for this, you need a good education. But not too strict, but also combine fun and promote the relationship between the owner and his pet. Helping him with everything he needs and giving him a lot of love is also vital so that he will then return it to us in the form of obedience.

How should I feed my cat or dog?

It seems simple, but it does not always get to be. Remember that it is best to buy food for each of its stages. You will need special nutrients in all of them, and this type of product will give provide all this. It is better not to feed them with homemade food, because it is true that they may generate some nutritional deficiency. Similarly, it is not recommended to give them the leftovers because they may carry some splinters or thorns that cause damage to their digestive system.

Do they need to be vaccinated?

Well, pets do need to be vaccinated. Also, the law also includes it, so we should not think twice. It is true that if we have any questions, surely the vet will be happy to help you and solve them. Being vaccinated, it is true that you will also be protected against any type of disease that you may contract. In some cases, they can become quite serious if you do not have the proper vaccine. When does the vaccination period start? Well, after six weeks and until after six months, approximately. Hence, it is always better to consult a professional to tell you each time you have to go with your pet.

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