Ideas for your Christmas manicure with more style

The Christmas manicure always includes various options, but all of them will have an uncommon characteristic. 

Hence, manicures are one of those things that are always present.

So, let’s see which styles are the ones that continue to triumph or which of them are being incorporated into our list. Surely of all of them, you will find more than perfect options to dazzle in each of the dinners that we have ahead. Are you ready for it?

Christmas manicure in red or burgundy

A light red or perhaps a little darker are two of the shades that are going to triumph this Christmas season. Therefore, we must already go looking for both in our toiletry bags. Without a doubt, you have the option of combining the color red or letting yourself be carried away by it and opting for the most classic ideas. That is, you will paint your nails all red and give them a final coat of transparent polish to add even more shine.

It is true that, you can also opt for a French manicure in burgundy. Isn’t that a great idea? It is. Because we are always used to the French being white, but at Christmas time. We can make a change, it is about time. Which of the two ideas do you like better? Red nails or burgundy French manicure?

Go for the creative and combination manicure

The ‘Nail Art’ technique is one of the most in-demand, and now, it can also be thanks to this Christmas season. So you can always opt for some combined ideas. So that each nail has its own style, or almost. One of the precise combinations can come from the color red and gold. You can add brushstrokes of glitter, a heart, or simply opt for geometric designs. Since all of them will always be welcome in our base of originality.

Don’t forget to combine green and gold

The color red indeed is one of the great favorites of the Christmas moment. But we cannot ignore green. Therefore, you can paint four nails green and the fifth of that hand, gold. Especially if the gold also has a glitter or glitter finish, much better. Otherwise, it is always something that we can add without a major problem. You will see how the end result is always a great idea, betting on style. It is true that you can also play with the design combination, as long as you keep those two glazes. Bet on creativity!

Pastel colors for your nails

For the Christmas manicure, we can not miss pastel colors either. Because without a doubt, we are facing one of the most endearing and sensitive times. Hence, these colors also help us combine them with them and the warmest garments. So everything is a successful and stylish combination. In this case, it is also best to alternate a couple of colors for your hands. Whether a baby blue, pale pink, or gold, will be the best trio of aces. Of course, it relegates the latter to just one nail to not overload the manicure in question.

Manicure with snowflakes

If you know how to draw a snowflake, you already have a new manicure idea. Because in this case, we want to let the red color be the great base but then add some special details such as flakes. They do not have to appear on each nail, but it can be more than enough if they are in two or three. Do you dare with a design like this?

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