How to avoid impurities on the back

The back area is where we can hardly concentrate our efforts at times, yet it is a beautiful part that we want to show off with many dresses or tops, so it certainly deserves our attention. On many occasions, it is easy to have impurities in it, especially for hormonal reasons, so we are going to see some ways to combat this problem.

The impurities such as acne or blackheads back are bothersome, they can easily become infected and also are in a place where it is difficult to get rid of them. So it is important to remedy it to prevent them from continuing to appear in the back area.

Remove hair products well

You may not know that leaving products in your hair is what can make your back have some pimples or impurities, but the truth is that if you have long hair and there are traces of conditioner or shampoo, this can increase those impurities on the back. The same happens if we use oil or some other product on the hair and contact our back. It is important that if we use a product such as a leave-in conditioner, we wrap the hair in a towel so that it does not come into contact with the skin, since these impurities can appear when traces remain on it.

Be careful with clothes

Believe it or not, clothing can also influence the appearance of impurities or infection of some pimples. You should even see if you wash your clothes with products that are not too aggressive, as there are traces on them and can harm the skin. These clothes should be breathable to prevent toxins from remaining when sweating. Also, it is always better to wear loose clothing, since that which is tight can lead to some infections in the impurities. So the ideal would be to wear comfortable and breathable clothing that is well cleaned.

Use a scrub

The impurities can be retiring with skincare. It is important to remove dead skin and toxins with an exfoliant, which cleans our skin in depth. However, this type of product should not be abused. Using it once a week is more than enough. It is a great idea to use an exfoliator and try to cleanse the skin so that the impurities do not stay on the back. The exfoliating and moisturizing cream routine will help us to have cleaner, smoother, and more impurities-free skin.

Don’t use oils in this area

If you have impurities and pimples, you should not use oils in this area for hydration . Leave the almond oil for other areas such as the legs or arms. The oil can cause more impurities to appear and increase sebum production in the area, so we will probably see how more pimples appear, something we do not want to happen. So for this area, a normal water-based moisturizer that hydrates without adding oils to the skin is much better.

The sponge and soap

When it comes to washing our back, we do not have to use any product, since some are better than others for our health. It is important that the sponge does not scratch or damage the skin, that it is soft and if possible, made of natural materials. It must always be kept clean and free of moisture. On the other hand, it is always better to buy great antibacterial soaps that prevent the accumulation of bacteria and impurities in the places where we use them. This type of soaps cleanses the skin and prevents infections in it.

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