Signs that your dog loves you A lot!

We indeed noticed it, no longer speaking, but of course, there are a series of signs that indicate that your dog loves you very much. Because that non-verbal language is also synonymous with demonstrating everything, it is already something quite important to consider without the need to speak.

That is why today, we are also going to keep all those signals and interpret them so that you can get each message clearer than the previous one. Because they are part of our family, and that makes them extremely important, both they and what they feel. Find out!

Your dog loves you when he stares at you

Have you seen him staring at you for a long time? Surely the vast majority of us who have pets have caught it on more than one occasion. That of him staring at us already denotes affection. But when he does it in a fixed way and keeps his gaze on us, he loves us. It’s that simple and what it wants to tell us is more important than we think, because it is a way to convey all that affection without making any other gesture. Isn’t it awesome?

Share their treasures with you

Some animals are indeed somewhat suspicious of sharing their toys or their most precious possessions with someone else. But certainly not all. In this case, we are also talking about the fact that he will always go looking for some of his belongings to bring them closer to you. This indicates that they have full confidence in you and that they appreciate you so much that they can share what is theirs. It is a great symbol of friendship, and for that reason, it can also be considered another of the points in favor of that great affection that he has for us.

Licks you whenever he sees you

They do not care when or where because they will lick both your face and hands because it is another of the symbols of showing their affection towards us as well as that they are content and happy in our company. 

When wagging the tail

Here we all know that happiness resides in that part of our pet. Because every time he likes something, he does tend to wag his tail. For this reason, when we get home or call him, and he approaches, you will surely also notice how he tends to move his tail. His happiness to see you or to be with you is priceless.

Sits close to your feet

Indeed, it will always approach you, but of course, you will notice how many times it can sit at your feet. There he will be at ease, and even if you believe otherwise, it is also interpreted as a synonym of affection and love. So if you see him doing it quite often, don’t be surprised, because he’s sending you a very profound message. What has also happened to you on more than one occasion?

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